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Why Yoga is Good for the Body & the Mind

If you haven’t tried yoga you’re really missing out. Yoga is one of the best exercises for both your mind and your body. Yoga can be customized for any age level, physical ability, and can grow with you throughout your life. You become more grounded and in-tune with your body.

  1. Can help ease chronic pain. When you have chronic pain, everyday movements become harder. With the various poses and stretches yoga, gentle movements and meditation can help your body and mind become relaxed and calm.

  2. Manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga teaches you to control your breathing and remain calm while moving, stretching, and getting your blood pumping. All of these factors are proven to help combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Best of all you can do this from your home.

  3. Makes you happier. The guided meditation of yoga always leaves me feeling happier, calmer, and relaxed. I'm able to take on any stress throughout my day without being stressed.

  4. Helps with balance. Yoga helps with a groundedness that helps you stay emotionally balanced and also helps with your physical balance protecting you against potential injury.

  5. More energy. Doing yoga regularly will help you optimize your breathing, keep you calm and balanced, and get rid of all the negative energy around you leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

  6. Better concentration and focus. Meditation and focused breathing help clear our mind giving us better concentration and focus throughout the day.

  7. Lower inflammation in your body. Poses like child’s pose, supine twist, and bridge pose helps relieve stress, detox the body, aid in digestion to naturally reduce chronic inflammation.

  8. Boosts confidence. Yoga helps you feel connected and balanced. Giving you confidence with a calm mind, a happy and stronger body.

  9. Improves sleep. Doing yoga before bed relieves the stress of your day, relieves pain and controlled breathing will have you relaxed for better sleep.

  10. Makes you stronger. Yoga poses help you become stronger. Over time you build strength holding and moving effortlessly through all these amazing poses. Yoga builds core strength, improves your posture, and builds muscle. Yoga also makes you mentally stronger.

With all the different levels and various poses of yoga, the benefits are limitless. Head over to Healthy Lifers Community for more benefits of yoga.

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