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Healthy Lifers gave me my vitality back.   The years made me drift into comfort, and into habits that did not serve me anymore. As I was guided to redesigning my lifestyle, I lost 30 pounds and walk daily. Now I have nutrition, movement and mindset routine. At 72 years old, I get to run after my grandchildren in the park!

Chantal Michelon


It’s been 8 weeks since I did the 1st RESET and began following a healthy living principle everyday. I have been following the whole food and lifestyle suggestions from you guys. I have 10x more energy WITHOUT COFFEE, I feel better mentally and emotionally, I’ve lost 12 pounds and way more in inches because my belly is so flat since cutting out the crap!!!! I could not be more thrilled with the program, the amazing community I am now part of. You inspire me, you support me and you keep showing me how to continue to have a better lifestyle!

Hallouma Ghrairi


I feel really good, I enjoyed looking at what I was putting in my plate and the food preparation guidance really helped me.
And I am really happy I lost 2kg in 10 days!
I now feel equipped to make the right choices in the future.

Marina  Hopper


I feel really good! 

Less bloated, more energy especially.  I love discovering new practices, I started dry brushing and I'm a fan!

I do feel more in sync with my body and realized that being reset-compliant is less demanding, my lifestyle tweaks  so I guess the to my lifestyle from the last reset lingered until today.

Elodie Pasquier-Gaschignard


After this monthly cleanse, I feel incredible. No cravings and I am surprised not to miss sugar. The work out every day has made me much stronger.

The weight loss that came along (-3kg) I look at it at a nice side effect!

Servane Demol


I joined Healthy Lifers to improve my Personal Wellbeing and Exercise More.
After a month in the community and one of the RESET I now have a new morning exercising routine! The other unexpected outcome is a big improvement to my sleep! I dropped sleeping aids, melatonin, and the likes.

Nolwenn Godard


I joined Healthy Lifers to Regain energy and Reset for better health.
My Big learning was about the impact of stopping eating earlier. I sleep so well that my body functions much better and a nice side effect is that I lost 4 kilos unwanted kilos!

Julien Salanon


After my second pregnancy I wanted to Lose weight, gain toning and regain energy.
After the Healthy Lifers RESET Results, I now Fit in my pre-baby clothes and re-integrated new healthy habits in daily life.

Victoria Dimitrakopoulos


I joined Healthy Lifers to lose some unwanted weight and regain energy. After two months I am halfway through my weight loss goal. I got to be intentional with my food. I learned about my nutrition, now I know what is best for me!

Raphy Loren

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