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Each of those individuals joined the Healthy Lifers community because they are passionate and have extraordinary gifts to support our community in their transformational journey.

About Us: Testimonials

Karine Allouche Salanon - Founder and Healthy Living Passionate

40 years ago, my mother opened the first organic shop in Provence, France. I have been raised eating plant-based food, adding nutrients through supplements and having extraordinary energy. Then life took on, after growing to executive roles, traveling worldwide and being the mum of 2, I was under high demand and stress. My body and mind were needing more attention to continue to perform and enable me to live the life I wanted: full of Vigor. I started to live again around the key principles I was taught as a kid and developed new lifestyle habits to be the best mum, wife, CEO, investor, and friend.

When my mum came to visit us this year, she arrived, tired, with a hive all over her body and her spirit was just tired. Together we agreed she was ready for a reset. After 6 weeks of following my routine, she lost 24 pounds, started to exercise again, bike for the first time in 30 years and more importantly, she felts full of energy and could run after her grandchildren. Then a friend tried to apply similar principles and lost weight and felt full of energy. It became clear we needed to share those to more and build the community to support such transformation.

Healthy Lifers TM is a community providing healthy lifestyle inspiration, education and coaching in the areas of nutrition, active living and well-being.


Empowered and guided change.


Build up your vitality step by step, at your own pace with our bite-sized lifestyle learning UNITS. 

With UNITS you will :

  • Learn how we all have strayed from a healthy lifestyle.

  • Assess your own toxicity level and the health of your home.

  • Create new routines to return to a state of balance.

  • Be at the avant grade of new proven healthy living resources curated for you all year long. 


The glue of our program is the "private" community which provides daily encouragement, forever friendship, transparency, meal ideas, self-care practice ideas, exercise plans, accountability, and Fun!

In addition, we provide 1:1 coaching sessions to accelerate results in areas of health you want to improve.

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