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Top 5 Mindset Tricks

When we take the time to have the right mindset, we get out of our own way to achieve our goals. Positive thinking results in positive outcomes. A positive attitude causes a chain of positive reactions for not only you but the people around you.

Here are some mindset tricks to help you achieve all your goals.

  1. Think positive (shift negative thoughts to positive). Changing the way we view things we feel are negative in our lives can have a huge impact on our lives. Nobody wants to get up on Monday to go to work, but instead, think I am lucky to have my job and pay my bills. If you’re in a situation that you think will never change, manifest you overcoming that challenge and watch it happen.

  2. Talk positively. Now that you are thinking positively, be mindful of the words you are using. Use positive words to carry out your thoughts. Go a whole day without saying anything negative. Make this a habit every day. You’ll be amazed at how much your mood will change and how productive you will be.

  3. Get rid of toxicity in all forms. This could be in what we eat and drink, to what we watch, how much time we spend on social media, to people that we surround ourselves with. Have you ever suddenly been in a bad mood around certain people? You’ve heard the expression misery loves company right? Think about the time you spend with that person and how they affect your mood.

  4. Let go. Let go of your past mistakes, you can only move forward. Let go of anything you're holding a grudge over. Letting go of the negative things in your life opens it up to more positive possibilities. Make room for what is healthy and makes you happy.

  5. Keep a journal. This can be used in many ways. As a brain dump to declutter your thoughts, write about what you are grateful for, or what your goals are? Imagine where you want to be next week, next year, and write it down. What are your biggest dreams? Penthouse in the city or a house on an island, become a partner at your firm, start your own business, and make a million the first year. The great thing about dreams is they are limitless, so dream big!

These are just some of the ways having the right mindset is a powerful tool. With the right mindset, we become more focused, happier, and equipped to handle anything that comes our way.

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