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Meal Prepping Hacks

The toughest aspect of clean eating is consistency.

We’ve had a rough day and the last thing we want to do is cook dinner, so we grab take out, or worse, just snack for dinner on junk food because we think it’s easy. We’ve already shared some great easy snacks and on the go tips to make clean eating more consistent.

Another tool in your toolbox for creating and maintaining a clean eating lifestyle is meal prepping. When your meals are prepped and ready to cook, it makes it easy to cook a healthy dinner in no time at all.

We share some of our best hacks for meal prepping that have helped us maintain consistency in even the most difficult of times:

  1. Start Slow. Prepping 2-3 days at a time is much easier when you’re getting started than trying to meal prep for all 7 days.

  2. Create A Schedule. Planning out all your meals for the week makes it so much easier to meal prep and stay consistent.

  3. Write out Your Grocery List. When you create a schedule (snacks included), you can write out your entire grocery list for the week and have everything you need ready when you start meal prepping.

  4. Prep Product Right Away. When you don’t cut and prep veggies, they are more likely to go bad, then when you wash & cut them and store them, you are more likely to grab those as a snack or have them ready when you start meal prepping making your meal prep easy.

  5. Jar Salads. Mason Jar Salads are a quick and easy meal prep and an easy-to-go option when you don’t have time to make a healthy lunch or dinner. You can prep your jar salads in a matter of minutes.

  6. Prebag Smoothie Ingredients. Clean eating includes smoothies and when we plan our smoothies out and prep our ingredients and store them; smoothie making time is cut in half each morning.

  7. Cook proteins ahead of time. If you’re always running a tight schedule; cooking proteins ahead of time can make a quick and easy dinner meal without a lot of work (or clean up!)

  8. Invest in quality storage containers. When you’re meal prepping you want to storage containers that will last and keep your prepped food fresh and ready for you.

Planning your meals and your list and then heading to the market for your delicious, healthy foods will set you up for a consistent and healthy clean eating lifestyle.

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