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How Clean Eating and Fitness Work Together

We know clean eating is better for our health, gives us mental clarity, more energy, helps us sleep better, and overall puts us in a better mood. But what are the benefits of clean eating and fitness?

  1. Natural Detox. Eating foods that naturally detox and cleanse the body will help you feel more energized and less bloated for your workout. Eliminate white flour and white sugar, substitute ---- Eat smaller meals with whole unprocessed foods like veggies, fruits, and nuts. Include small amounts of lean protein, fish, or either organic, grass-fed animals. If you’re a vegetarian you can find protein in plant-based foods like nuts and seeds, legumes, and whole grains. Trade juice for fresh fruit. Omit alcohol and caffeine, switch to tea, or better yet water. Add lemon, mint, cucumber, or fresh fruit for added flavor and detox benefits!

  2. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits. Eating clean foods can help fight inflammation. Turmeric, ginger, salmon, avocados, leafy greens, bone broth, and blueberries are all foods known to fight inflammation. Not only do these foods help with post-workout, but they also help support a healthy immune system.

  3. Boosts Metabolism. Boost your metabolism with these superfoods, Edamame is high in fat-burning protein and fiber, pistachios help post-workout hunger and beets help you push your workout harder with less effort.

  4. Build Muscle. Food rich in protein helps build and repair muscles. Eggs have a rich source of amino acid leucine that helps muscle repair, whey protein helps for tight abs and toned glutes. Salmon and tuna strengthen your muscles.

Below is a favorite post-workout breakfast recipe from our Healthy Lifers Community we want to share with you. You can access more great ideas in our Healthy Lifers Community or one of our healing with joy & food digital books developed in collaboration with Holistic Nutritionist Gabriele Zoebl.

Post work out breakfast:

Chia seed pudding with coconut milk, vegan proteins powder, 3Tbsp hemp seeds (for all essential amino acids, omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids), 100% cacao nibs (Polyphenols to feed my microbiome), half a banana and papaya (Vit C), topped with B pollen for my immune system. A healthy balanced breakfast.

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