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Clean Eating Tips While on the Go

If you’re like me you’re always on the go! And you might be thinking how can I keep up with my clean eating habits while running errands, during a busy day at work, or while on a weekend getaway? It’s the convenience of those processed and fast foods that draw us in. We have some tips to help keep you on track with your clean eating journey and feeling fabulous!

  1. Be Mindful of Where You Eat. Choose a restaurant that uses organic, grass-fed, or antibiotic ingredients. Or find a farm to table restaurant and support your local community. Look up the menu before you go, many restaurants have their ingredients listed on their website. Be aware, even the meals that look the healthiest are loaded with preservatives, sodium, and refined sugars.

  2. Bring Healthy Snacks. Healthy snacks curb hunger, give energy, help you stay focused. Having healthy snacks with you also gives you less temptation for convenience food while running errands or working.

  3. Bring Water With You. It’s easy when on the go to reach for that sugary drink, having water with you is not only good for your skin but will help you when you want to snack. A lot of times when we want something to eat we’re thirsty. If you have your water with you you’re less likely to stop and get a sugary drink. If you want something sweet, add some fresh fruit to your water. Avoid drinking your calories.

  4. Order the Right Meal. Stay away from chips, bread, fast, or processed foods. If you get a sandwich omit the bun and use lettuce. Be mindful of the portion sizes, order the half version instead of the full. Choose a lean protein base and add your veggies to that.

  5. Meal Prep. Prep your breakfast and lunches ahead of time so they’re easy to grab as you walk out of the door. Have healthy snacks ready to go for those days full of errands or to keep at your desk at work.

For more tips join our Healthy Lifers Community where you will be surrounded by love and support from people on the same clean eating journey!

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