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5 Helpful Steps to Adjust to Your New Normal

COVID-19 has put a wrench in everyone’s plans and routines, we’ve lost access to a lot of the places and things we use daily.

We’ve had to adjust how we do things, where we go (or don’t go), and how we react to the changes.

We are anxious and fearful from the unknown and the new proactive measurements are causing a stir within us, we feel stressed, disorganized, frustrated, depressed and it can definitely take its toll on our mental, emotional and physical well being.

  1. Be open about your feelings and emotions. We are now faced with spending more time at home. We can combat this by allowing ourselves to be open and honest about our feelings and emotions. Take time to learn a new hobby.

  2. Avoid social media. Reading about the pandemic can cause us to fall victim to unnecessary emotions. Limiting the time and the sources of your information regarding our new normal can help adjust to the situation.

  3. Establishing routines and schedules can minimize adjustment issues. Finding the routine and schedule that works for you is a critical component to ensuring a successful transition and adjustment into the new normal. Give yourself time to work through the new schedules and routines and find the elements of your routine that work for you and your family.

  4. Offer to help others. While everyone is transitioning, some people are faring better than others. If you can help others, give them the emotional support and assistance to transition and adjust. Sharing this post and other posts we share regarding the new normal can help others to adjust.

  5. Take time for yourself. We are now spending more time with our families than we are used too, and this can take its toll. Making sure you have time to yourself can help you minimize the impacts of adjusting and help keep your mental health in check. This can be a car ride alone, a walk around the neighborhood or a nice bubble bath with a book. A mental check out can do wonders for your adjusting.

Being able to adjust to a new normal can help you to continue to thrive in your health, physically and emotionally.

Your Healthy Lifers community is a great support system for helping to adjust to the new normal and finding the pieces that you need to be a positive outlet for your family.

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