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How To Transform Your Kitchen Herbs Into Natural Remedies?

Updated: Dec 8, 2019


My biggest Takeaway when I first started working with herbs was that just like any preventative or medicinal product, the best way to use herbs is in a compounding on themselves.

This means that taking an herb one time might be nice it might taste good and it might work in that moment but the best way to get a high-functioning medicinal value out of your favorite herbs is to use them on an everyday basis, letting their qualities build up in your system and allowing your body to really take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Most herbs you will come into contact with are helpful and extremely valuable when they are a part of the daily diet. Not only herbs but spices as well are so vital to helping fight inflammation and helping to reduce the damage that toxins inflict on our body’s cells because they are all individually rich in phytochemicals, which are the healthful and beneficial plant chemicals.


The fresher the herbs, the more beneficial they are.

Most that you will find in your kitchen will be good from anywhere between one year for whole herbs like oregano and rosemary to four years for ground ones such as paprika and ginger. Whole herbs and spices will always last longer in the pantry! Try picking up the ones with built in grinders, or better yet, buying bulk herbs and having a mortar and pestle on your counter (my favorite way!) to grind them up fresh and with care.

When storing, keep them out of sunlight and heat like near microwaves or stoves. The best way is to keep them in a dark cabinet, but I use them so frequently that I like just having them readily available and in plain sight to always remember to add as many as possible to every meal.


I have cultivated a special program with healthy lifers to bring to light some of my favorite herbs that I use in holiday cooking. Become a Healthy lifers community member and access our 2-week masterclass.

Not only will you walk away with the basics, but you will also have an assortment of other favorite herbs that might be unfamiliar or under used but should be added to every meal and we will go over why these herbs are SO amazing!

Author: Rachel Kolyer

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