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Control Your Weight & Cravings With This One Simple Change

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

When you are the kind of person that experiences drops in energy in the afternoon or you find yourself on a rollercoaster of cravings all day long, starting your day right is fundamental in setting you up for success. This hack is all about abundance and what you CAN eat without restricting yourself or counting calories, the focus is on healthy fats and proteins. Repeat after me: “Fat will not make me fat!”. With this hack you control your weight and cravings in a radically different way. Yes, that’s right, focusing on healthy fats will not add additional pounds to our bodies. In contrary, it will set us up for weight loss, brain clarity, balanced blood sugar and reduced anxiety. As Dr Mark Hyman explains in his bestselling book “Eat Fat, Get Thin” scientific

data supports the idea that healthy fats can reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, while also preventing dementia, cancer and other inflammatory processes. Studies have shown that a protein rich breakfast improves satiety and reduces evening snacking. It can also reduce the hunger hormone Ghrelin which signals the brain to stop eating. Protein rich foods such as nut butters, eggs, a protein shake or whole grains with nuts stabilize blood sugar

and reduce metabolic fluctuations later in the day.

If you feel that you are “not a breakfast person”, have great sustained energy throughout the day and feel clear headed then keep doing what works for you right now. If not, take this healthy hack challenge and commit to eating breakfast.

For the protein portion we will add things like chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts, eggs, wild caught salmon, organic turkey or chicken. The key on fiber and fat however is to start low and go slow. If you notice any bloating, cramping or even diarrhea you may have to back up a bit and let your body adjust more slowly.

Most of these recipes are taken from Dr Mark Hyman’s Eat Fat Get Thin program. They include breakfast smoothies as well as other healthy fat and protein breakfasts.

As always, let us know how you feel, what works and what does not work for you. How does this way of changing your morning breakfast affect how you feel in the afternoon?

Want more guidance on controlling your weight & cravings, become a healthy lifer member, join +100 fellow healthy living enthusiasts and access our 2 weeks master class on breakfast routine.

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