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With the rise in GMO foods, pesticides, overuse of sugar, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, exposure to chemicals, and other health-depleting influences, we are experiencing new level of toxicity in our bodies.

The highest the  toxicity, the highest the metabolic dysfunction. Toxicity in the body can affect multiple body systems. When the level is mild, you may not officially carry a specific diagnosis but your body is trying to get your attention. This is a good time to start actively protecting your health and reduce your risk for developing symptoms later on in life.

When the toxicity level is high, you are more likely to already have a full-blown condition and may be on medication for this. You may also have a condition that has not yet been diagnosed. The healthy lifers RESET  program will help you to move in the right direction but it is important to adopt a “detox lifestyle” and you may have to work one on one with a functional medicine practitioner.

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