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Healthy Lifer RESET Coaching

Get results with a coach for 30 days

The Healthy lifers RESET coaching program is a personalized cleanse program to shred bad habits, eat fabulous fresh food that is delicious, so you can eat your way to feeling amazing and actually enjoy it!

This program was created under the supervision of Elke Cooke, Functional medicine MD and health experts. The program takes a holistic approach to sustainable health. Our unique holistic program is not a diet, but a lifestyle program covering nutrition, movement and wellbeing practices.


The three key elements of the RESET Program are to Remove, Restore and Recharge. When you “Remove” the obstacles to health and you “Restore” the nutrients that are lacking, your body will repair and heal itself of many of the frustrating symptoms that we deal with daily. However, the results of safely and skillfully detoxing go even further. The body “Recharge” itself and you finally discover what it feels like to be healthy.

If you are looking for more energy, better sleep, improved digestion, more stabilized blood sugar, greater mental clarity, or losing weight sustainably, this program is for you.

Recap of video and text.

RESET Coaching - Limited Time Offer

1. The RESET coaching consists of:


  • 30 Days of Coaching ($6.66/day)

  • 5 Days of prep

  • 15 Days of Healthy Lifers RESET Program support

  • 10 Days of Reintroduction Support

    **Required to post a photo of each meal to an accountability group .**


2.  10-day RESET Guided Challenge with amazing resources :


  • A 10-day Menu Plan, its grocery list with a direct link to order the necessary ingredients

  • A Wellness Guide to support a deeper cleanse and start a mindfulness practice

  • An Exercise Guide to get you moving in health

  • A Full Resource Guide with a direct link to our preferred brand and items

3. Integration support and new peer group!

  • Access to an active community of 300+ healthy living peers, to be inspired, have amazing support and accountability along the way!

  • Access to vitality building educational resources, with modules such as Intermittent fasting does and don't, morning routine for a day without cravings, evening routine for deeper sleep, and more.

  • Access to a Monthly healthy living MasterClass with health experts

  • 10% discount on Healthy Lifers RESET memberships and Retreats


Let's have fun and supporting each other by jump-starting to better health.
Feel better than you have in years!

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