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The 10 Day Healthy lifers RESET program is a live-guided 10-day program to shred bad habits, eat fabulous fresh food that is delicious, so you can eat your way to feeling amazing and actually enjoy it!

This program was created under the supervision of Elke Cooke, Functional medicine MD and health experts. The program takes a holistic approach to sustainable health. Our unique holistic program is not a diet, but a lifestyle program covering nutrition, movement and wellbeing practices.

If you are looking for more energy, better sleep, improved digestion, more stabilized blood sugar, greater mental clarity, or losing weight sustainably, this program is for you!

Hear from Elke Cooke, Functional medicine MD, why doing a RESET?

















With The 10 Day RESET you get:  

·     A food plan and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, snacks, and dessert

·     A wellness guide to support a deeper cleanse and start a mindfulness practice

·     An exercise guide to get you moving in health

·     A live guided Challenge from Health Experts,  with built-in accountability, access to a community forum to be inspired, have amazing support and along the way!

·     Practical health Living Resources to integrate new healthy habits 


Let's have fun and supporting each other by jump-starting to better health. Feel better than you have in years!



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